We only use products from renowned manufacturers such as A-Dec, Vatech, VDW and more. These top devices make our job easier in both diagnosis as well as in the course of the services themselves.

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1 A-Dec 530

A-Dec 530 Kit

We want the best for our patients, which is why we chose the A-Dec. Based on studies of pressure mapping we have formed a unique padding that reduces the amount of pressure points and provides comfortable support for the entire body of the patient.

2 mikroskop_alltion

X-ray – Vatech PaX-i

The advantage of panoramic X-ray (OPG) is a clear and detailed view of the entire jaw, maxillary sinuses and jaw joints in a single scan. The patient is also subjected to only a minimal dose of radiation.

3 02

X-ray – Gendex

Intraoral dental x-ray allows a detailed display of teeth groups. Thus simplifying the diagnostics, parcticularly, of interdental caries, which usually cannot be diagnosed as easily by looking into patient’s mouth.

4 03

Apexlocator – Raypex 6

During root canal treatment (endodontics) we define the length of canals in tenths of millimetres using the method based on measurement of electrical resistance of the tissue. According to clinical studies this method is even more accurate than X-ray images.

5 04

Endomotor medin

It is a specially developed system for root canal treatment, which allows us to treat the root canal with only one tool. The tools are high quality, sterile packaged, single use only.

6 medin_endo_pristroj

Air Flow Handy 2++

This device is used to remove pigmentation on tooth surface. Cleaning technique is based on the strong current of air, water and fine powder (abrasive). Nothing beats the feeling of your teeth after being cleaned using this method.

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