Initial Examination

At the initial examination, the patient will be radiographed and both in “great” panoramic radiograph, which allows us to see all of his teeth, both jaws, maxillary sinus and jaw joints, as well as “small” intraoral radiographs that will enable us a detailed view of the teeth, thanks to which we are able to easily detect tooth decay. Our clinic is equipped with the latest X-ray devices with a minimum dose of X-rays. Furthermore, the doctor will test the oral cavity and provide an optimal treatment plan that will be explained to the patient in detail.

Dental Hygiene

It is very important for the prevention of periodontal disease (supporting apparatus of the tooth) and in terms of prevention of dental caries. Regular visits of dental hygiene at least twice a year can prevent serious illnesses in the oral cavity.

Dental Hygiene Includes:


We try to make each treatment of dental caries painless by using the latest technology. At our clinic we only manufacture white photocomposit fillings. We use high quality modern foreign material (Enamel HRI). White photocomposit filling is glued to the tooth using special glues. During the fabrication of the fill into the cavity, the area cannot get moist nor can there get blood from the mouth. That is why we hide the tooth behind a special rubber membrane – kofferdamm, which will ensure suitable conditions for quality fabrication of the white photocomposit filling. The technique used to make these fillings is called anatomical stratification technique. By combining various colour shades we try to imitate the natural appearance of the tooth. Immediately after manufacturing the tooth filling you can use the tooth to bite normally. We also provide replacement of the unsatisfactory “black” amalgam fillings, replacing them with “white” composite fillings.

Dental Prosthesis

Manufactured dental crowns and bridges are used to replace lost tooth tissue or lost teeth. We at our clinic only manufacture metal ceramic or full-ceramic crowns and bridges. The patient is informed in detail about both of these materials.

Root Canal Treatment – an Endodontic Treatment

Damage to the dental pulp caused by either tooth decay or by trauma (injury) causes inflammation or necrosis of the dental pulp.

Such problems can be solved by:

  1. Extraction (pulling out) of the Tooth
  2. Endodontic treatment of the tooth, which is the last option to save the tooth. This is a very difficult surgery, particularly in terms of precision and time. The result is virtually full-fledged tooth that can serve tens of years if the patient takes good care of him.

Treatment consists of removal of the inflamed content from the inside of the tooth. Proper disinfection of the canals followed by hermetic sealing of the canal using gutta-percha. Depending on the nature of the problem it is sometimes necessary to perform this treatment in multiple visits. It is necessary to complete the treatment with laboratory tooth filling or dental crown after the final filling of the root.

Possible Complications of Endodontic Treatment:

  1. Breaking the root instrument that is used for clearing of the canal
  2. Perforation of the walls of the canal during the work on it
  3. Sensitivity or soreness to bite several days after the treatment
  4. Swelling over the treated tooth
  5. Breakage, rupture of the tooth
  6. Incomplete healing process

Tooth Whitening

Beautiful bright smile is the desire of all of us. We offer our patients the opportunity the tooth whitening technique called home whitening. We make tooth imprints of our patients teeth from which we then, in the laboratory, make individual tooth carriers, out of a thin flexible film. Patient applies a small amount of whitening gel into individual carriers and inserts it into his mouth, where it is left to take effect throughout the night while you sleep. In the case of tooth sensitivity the time in which the gel can be effective is reduced. Patient repeats this procedure for 2-4 weeks to achieve the desired shade. This method is gentle to the teeth due to the low concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching gel.

Teeth Jewellery

Our office also offers gluing of dental jewellery. Dental jewellery will brighten your smile. These are special decorations which can be without aftermath glued to the surface of healthy teeth. Jewel can be removed at any time without causing damage to the enamel surface of the tooth. Application of the tooth jewel must be done in the dental office under the control of the dentist. Improper application outside of the dental office may damage the enamel of the tooth. Patient can choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours of dental jewellery. Dental jewellery is always glued after the treatment once all the possible defects are dealt with.

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